The special day in Police Week to ‘Thank A Cop’ is on the 19th September.

National Thank a Cop Day is a grassroots effort from me to you and idea that doesn’t need anyone’s approval or referral, especially bureaucratic approval, it just needs the receiver of this message to make an effort themselves by highlighting it to the community through your own systems. Nor does it need to reward yours truly for initiating the idea, in fact, I don’t want to be mentioned or interviewed as it has nothing to do with me or my community organisation. It is a chance to thank an over stretched, often abused, overworked, and somewhat underappreciated group of Australias finest, in any positive way you see fit.

Last year’s attempt was our first and somewhat low key, but it happened. Let’s remember what police do every day and how they would feel to have people give them a genuine thank- you. Make it happen please and start planning for it asap.

The police in general are okay about the day and some media and community groups are now highlighting the day on web sites and Facebook sites but it needs more support to become self-propelled.

Police have enough to do during Police Week with their own commemorations of fallen comrades and public parades so don’t expect anything from them because they give enough. Make them feel appreciated and special citizens of this great country on this day through our actions, not theirs.

Federal Minister Karen Andrews is working on the day being placed on the National Calendar so we look forward to that, but please don’t build a wall on why you can’t do something. It’s easy, just make it HAPPEN as they deserve it.

Brian Murphy

Mudgeeraba Q 4213

More information on the BONZA website