The Australian Police Bravery Awards is an award for police by police, that transcends state and jurisdictional divides; making the recipients truly national heroes.

Nominations will soon be sought from police officers across Australia.   Click here to see Australia’s police in action.

Very soon a nomination form will be available on this page.

The selection criteria includes:

  1. The nominee/s must be a sworn police officers from an Australian Police jurisdiction.
  2. They must have undertaken an outstanding act of courage or bravery by taking themselves from a place of safety and placing themselves at risk of death or serious injury.
  3. Where feasible it would be expected that the incident being recognised would have taken place in the calendar year under consideration, however exceptions could include where the matter is subjudice or if other unavoidable delays have occurred preventing the incident from being recognised in the calendar year in which it occurred.

Schedule for Awards –

The inaugural Australian Police Bravery Awards will be presented at a formal dinner on 19 September 2018.

  • The PFA and its state, territory and federal police associations/unions commenced publicising the Awards from November 2017.
  • Pro forma nomination forms will be ready for distribution by end of February 2018
  • The members of the selection panel will be announced in June 2018 by the PFA Executive
  • Nominations will close on 30 June 2018
  • The Selection Panel to meet and select a winner by 12 September 2018 to be announced on 19 September.